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Were You Injured In A Truck Accident In California?

Posted on : May 31, 2019, By:  Damian Idiart

Serious Injuries After A Truck Accident Hits A Passenger Vehicle A Passenger Vehicle is no match for a commercial truck that outweighs it by several tons, is it? You can set off on your daily commute and be the safest driver in California however, and without any warning, a truck driver who is distracted or […]

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Study Shows That Banning Texting and Driving Drops Car Crash ER Visits

Posted on : April 29, 2019, By:  Damian Idiart
Attorney For Texting and Driving Accidents

Banning Texting and Driving Reduces ER Visits A new study has found that the states that chose to ban texting and driving were associated with a drop in car accident emergency room visits. Researchers looked at emergency department data gathered from 16 different US states across 2007 through 2014. The states were selected based on […]

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Do Car Drivers Just Ignore Bicyclists on The Road?

Posted on : March 30, 2019, By:  Damian Idiart
Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys, Idiart Injury Lawyers

Bicyclists And Accidents On The Road Being hurt in a bicycle accident puts the cyclist at high risk for developing catastrophic injuries, lifelong medical conditions and disabilities, and struggling to return to work or go back to the job he or she had prior to the accident. No matter how the car accident happened, if […]

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What Do I Have to Do After a California Accident?

Posted on : February 25, 2019, By:  Damian Idiart
Idiart Injury Lawyers, Auto Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, driving on the highways of California can be a beautiful but also risky proposition. There’s always the possibility of being involved in a vehicle accident and trying to navigate the insurance and legal complexities after the fact can be confusing. If you are involved in an accident, the most important thing to do is […]

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Motorized Scooter Injuries In Los Angeles

Posted on : January 31, 2019, By:  Damian Idiart
Scooter Injuries in Los Angeles, Idiart Injury Lawyers

The Prevalence Of Motorized Scooters There is no doubt that we have seen the number of motorized scooters increase in and around Los Angeles. They have become popular for those that do not own a car as well as provide easy transportation for college students. As long as you have a license, you can drive […]

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