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Teen car accidents can leave devastation in their wake, which is why some safety and medical experts are calling for more research and work in the area. Teens can suffer severe and life-changing injuries when they cause a crash, but they might also hurt others and leave behind damaged property due to lack of experience, reckless driving, or distracted behavior. A teen car accident lawyer should be retained after a severe crash. 

Recently it seems like everyone has been chiming in on the teen driving statistics, whether it be related to injuries or fatalities and now pediatricians are joining the conversation, saying that members of the American Academy of Pediatrics are revising their 2006 policy statement about teen driving. Now this statement will focus on new threats associated with inexperienced drivers. After years of decline, fatal car accidents involving teenage drivers have increased significantly in the United States, according to the AAP.

A review of National Accident Data from 2014 to 2016 led to these conclusions. While every state has some form of graduated driver’s licensing regulations which have helped to enhance safety by limiting the number of passengers inside the car or restricting night time driving, pediatricians say that even more could be done. One recommendation was for communities to more consistently to enforce seatbelt laws and the use of cellphones while driving. In 2015, teen drivers died in car crashes at a rate 9% higher than the year before, and nearly 200,000 more young drivers were hurt in serious vehicle accidents. The AAP found that the risk of a close call or a vehicle accident was four times higher for teenagers who got their license within an 18-month period. This means that more inexperienced drivers are at greater risk of an accident. If you were recently hurt in an accident with an inexperienced teen driver or have been significantly hurt because a teenager wasn’t paying attention, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney immediately.