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What Do I Have to Do After a California Accident?
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What Do I Have to Do After a California Accident?

Unfortunately, driving on the highways of California can be a beautiful but also risky proposition. There’s always the possibility of being involved in a vehicle accident and trying to navigate the insurance and legal complexities after the fact can be...

Which Self-Driving Cars Are Most Likely to Crash?

In California, several companies are trying out self-driving cars to see how these do on the roads. During this time, however, public confidence has waned about the future of autonomous technology and the possible benefits it could hold. Regulators are still unsure of...

How to Help Your Teen Prevent Car Accidents

Teen car accidents can leave devastation in their wake. Teens can suffer severe and life-changing injuries when they cause a crash, but they might also hurt others and leave behind damaged property due to lack of experience, reckless driving, or distracted behavior. A...

Are Kids More at Risk for Severe Bike Injuries?

Are you curious about whether you have grounds for a legal claim following a bike accident? As an adult, you’ve had plenty of riding practice to ensure that you know how to stay out of traffic and avoid many common causes of bike accidents. But research now shows that...